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Renewable energy becomes more and more efficient, and global production is increasing. However, it can be complex to integrate the different power systems and storage options. By integrating renewable energy generation sources with one another (i.e. Wind + Solar+diese+batteries) and/or energy storage, dispatchable, competitive green MWhs can be enabled through intelligent plant and system design, software & controls, and O&M synergies.

One possible approach for a safe and sustainable future energy supply are large-scale hybrid solutions — “base load renewables“. They are defined by a combination of two or more power generation technologies involving of at least one renewable energy source, and a combined power and energy storage system. Additionally to these solutions integrated hybrid solutions for core products and services of the hydropower industry are requested. For instance, a battery combined with a turbine unit offers new possibilities for low head assets.

With an increasing number of sites in remote and inaccessible locations, with poor or no grid, supplying energy to base stations becomes an increasing part of the network operational cost. Through ENERA GROUP’s hybrid solutions the operational cost can be kept to a minimum, with very rapid return on investment.

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