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Bending machines

Enera Group offers to take on lease bending machines for 3”-48” pipes. Bending Machines are multiple-purpose hoisting machineries, which usually used for any type of pipeline’s construction.

All hydraulic drive of bending machine’s operating mechanism allows to proceed pipe bending works with fine-tolerance and high smoothness. It allows reducing sensible operator’s lassitude.  

Enera Group experts are always glad to assist you with sale, rent and purchase of used bending machines, including maintenance and spare part’s provision. Enera Group always has in stock different models of pipelayers for rent and sale. We will be glad to cooperate with you.

All rented bending machines are popular, comfortable, have a high assembly quality and controllability. If we take into account customs clearance expenses, maintenance and repair costs, wage costs for operators, certification costs for repairmen — you will see that bending machines for rent allow you to save money appreciably.

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